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Summerhouses aren’t a new innovation – they’ve existed throughout Britain for hundreds of years, always providing respite and tranquillity to those that invest in them. A summerhouse has a lot of utility, and the uses you might decide to go with for your summerhouse can vary enormously depending on your needs. At Garden Rooms UK, we create bespoke summerhouses from scratch, and we’re certain that if you employ our summerhouse service, you’ll be thrilled with the final outcome. We’ve created summerhouses of varying sizes and scopes over the years, and the reception our provisions have had from customers over that period has been nothing short of phenomenal. If you’re considering a summerhouse for your property, read on below to find out further details about our expertise in this area.

Picking Purposes

Summerhouses aren’t just built for one reason – they have a range of uses that can bolster the value and utility of your property going forward. Many people use them simply as a space to relax and read in – to spend time in away from the hustle and bustle that life throws at us on a daily basis. Other people use them as an entertainment area, a place to party and celebrate with guests – and in this case, the summerhouse would likely be a natural space for dining in too. Whatever purpose you have in mind, we’ll create a summerhouse attuned to your needs.

Design Features

When you pick our company to help you design and create a summerhouse, it means that you’re going to enjoy a set of features that guarantees comfort and utility in your summerhouse. We’ll discuss with you during the planning phases exactly which utilities and amenities that you’d like the structure to have – with everything from gas and electric, to water and internet capabilities available to you. This is supposed to be a space designed with your requirements in mind – so we’re ready and waiting to offer our expertise in creating this for you.

Year Round Use

As your summerhouse will have all the utilities and amenities that you could possibly want, it means the space is going to be comfortable and usable all year round – not just during the warmer summer months. With heating and insulation installed, you’ll even be able to enjoy this space in the winter. Many of our customers enjoy looking out at the rain from the comfort of their summerhouse, snuggling up with a good book and drinking a glass of wine. Summerhouses aren’t limited to their namesake – enjoy them all year round!

Home Valuations

Another benefit of deciding to build a summerhouse is the incredible effect it’ll have on your home’s valuation. Houses with a high quality summerhouse will experience a sharp increase in their valuation – as even if you’re not using the structure for something a potential buyer would want, it gives an immediate flexible living space solution for people going forward. When you take into account the valuation increase, the cost of installing a summerhouse is really rather small.

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