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In recent years, and particularly this year - 2020, more and more companies have decided to allow people to work from home – and for good reason. Remote work benefits pretty much everybody, and it can be much better for your mental and physical health if you decide that working from home is right for you. Of course, to do that effectively, you’ll need a space that is designed for you to work in. Some people have offices built into their main property – but these can be easily disturbed spaces, and if you don’t have one already, the cost of adding one can be massive. Garden offices offer a great cost effective option – and we’ve designed garden offices that our customers have been consistently delighted with throughout the time we’ve operated. Read on below for a few of the reasons you should consider investing in a garden office.

Tranquillity at Work

If you’re at your company’s office, you’re no doubt sick of the office politics, trying to get work done with a load of noise, or trying to be productive when you’re hot or cold – but you’re not able to control the temperature. There are a whole host of reasons you might not enjoy working in the office, and most of these just dissipate when you decide to work remotely. A garden office will be quiet, you can work totally undisturbed, and the room temperature will be completely under your control.

Setting Boundaries

Some people who work at home in their main property still struggle to get things done, and that’s because the lines between home and work become increasingly blurred. If you have a garden office, you’ll be away from the noise and bustle of your main household – there won’t be any small infants, loud appliances, or blaring televisions to disturb you. Garden offices also create a separate, distinct work space for you at home that you can leave at the end of your work day – and this allows you to enjoy your leisure time in a space untouched by work pressures.

Buying Time

One of the obvious benefits of working from home is that you gain hundreds of hours over the year by dropping your commute. Studies have shown that people are willing to work for less money if it means they have a shorter commute – so it’s easy to recognise the importance of this issue. With a garden office, you’ll cut you commute to nothing, but you’ll still earn the same salary that you had previously, so there are no downsides.

Savings, Savings, and More Savings

By eliminating your commute, you’re also going to save thousands of pounds that you’d have to spend on petrol or expensive train fares. Now you’re probably thinking, what about the cost of installing the garden office? Well that just brings up another benefit – your property’s value will typically rise by more than 5% if you spend on a garden office – so it’s possible that you’ll actually end up gaining money as well as property utility when you make the decision to get a garden office.

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