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More than ever before, homeowners in the UK are deciding to invest in a garden room for their properties – and they’re finding that the value and utility that is available when they decide to follow this route is basically unbeatable. At Garden Rooms UK, we believe we’re the number one design and construction specialist for all the different garden rooms you might be considering installing. We’ve got a reliable track record that demonstrates our quality, and we offer an affordable and flexible set of designs to ensure that we can assist you, whatever your budget might be. Read on below for a few of the advantages of garden rooms, and why you should consider us for their installation.

Design and Construction

At Garden Rooms UK, we don’t just create cookie cutter garden rooms that follow a rigid template – we create tailored spaces that are designed with your needs in mind. Our design experts will work closely with you to come up with a set of amenities and features that you want present in the space, and we’ll make sure that you have enough square footage in a particular compartmentalisation to make certain that you have all the room you need to manoeuvre. Of course, once we have a design and you’ve chosen your materials, we’ll make quick work of the construction process to get it completed for you.

Space Gains

The most obvious benefit of installing a garden room on your property is the huge increase in living space that you’ll get. Our country is pretty cramped, and finding more space on your property is never easy. Building up or out on your main property structure can be prohibitively expensive, and it can be hard to get planning permission – plus the process tends to be long and laborious. These aren’t really concerns with garden rooms, and you’ll find that the space that you gain can be used for all manner of activities.

Installation Process

Our construction experts will make sure that your garden room is completed in a straightforward and quick fashion – as we understand that the last thing you’ll want is a extensive construction project going on in your back garden for months on end. The process for creating a garden room tends to be much quicker than an extension or home addition. Obviously, it goes without saying that the intended size of your new garden room will affect how long it takes for us to complete it. Nevertheless, any size of garden room is certain to be a more hassle free process than the creation of a new extension.

Cost Effective Solutions

Garden rooms are highly cost effective, regardless of your exact need for more living space. If you want to move an elderly relative into your home, but you don’t have the space, a garden room is much cheaper than an extension. It’s also far cheaper than it would cost to pay for a care home – and that doesn’t even consider the gains you’ll make in your property valuation. Whatever your need for a new space on your property, garden rooms offer the most cost effective solution.

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