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You might have seen gazebos dotted about in parks and other public spaces, but you’ll also find them in the private gardens of domestic properties up and down the country, and with good reason – these structures are highly sought after due to their boundless flexible use and their timeless aesthetic quality. At Garden Rooms UK, our designers have created hundreds of gazebos for our customers, and the reaction that they receive time and time again is always positive. If you’re considering installing a gazebo in your property that’s specifically designed for you, no other company in the London area can match our quality or reliability. Consider our services for this investment, and we’re sure you won’t regret it.

Structural Options

When people think of gazebos, the structure they’re probably most familiar with is the open sided gazebo – it’s a classic look, and incredibly popular. But that isn’t the only structural option available to you, as we also create walled gazebos that give you a little more shelter and privacy from the surrounding environment. There is a lot of design flexibility on offer in this process, and our construction specialists can run through these different permutations with you to conjure a design that you’ll be more than happy with.

Love Your Garden

Installing a gazebo in your garden is a wonderful way of demonstrating your love for this outdoor space. Gazebos give a wow factor that can’t be matched by really any other structure in a natural environment. These structures conjure a lot of romantic feelings, and are commonly associated with such emotions in film and TV – so it’s only natural people react in such a way in real life too. If you invest in a gazebo, you’re going to have a centrepiece for your garden, something that you can design the rest of the space around going forward. Of course, you may want us to design the gazebo with the current aesthetic of your garden in mind – and that’s something we’re more than capable of doing.

Diverse Uses

Many people use their gazebos for relaxing in during the summer months – as it’s a space that allows you to enjoy the nice weather without being exposed to direct sunlight. A welcome respite from blistering heat is just one such use though, and many others prefer to use the gazebo for activities like yoga and Pilates, and this is entirely possible depending on the size of the gazebo that you’d like in your space. These are really versatile structures, so you’re not going to be limited in how you’re using it going forward.

Entertainment Possibilities

If you’re hosting an event at your property, a gazebo offers a lot of utility in typically varied fashion. It can be a great stand on which you can make speeches, or host musicians, or you can use it as catering point – where people can collect food. Of course, a well-loved classic use of gazebos for entertainment purposes is to have it as an alter for a wedding – and this is a beautiful and stunning look, it has to be said.

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